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Fueling Progress

As you rely on coffee to fuel your day, TechnoServe helps fuel small-scale coffee farmers to increase their incomes and improve their lives.

Help us improve the lives of coffee-farming families around the world.

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Coffee is more than just one of the world’s most popular beverages.

For roughly 12.5 million small-scale coffee farmers and their families, coffee can represent food, clean water, medicine, school fees, and better homes. But roughly 80 percent of these families are still living below the poverty line.

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TechnoServe is building a sustainable coffee industry that can lift millions of farming families out of poverty. For more than 15 years, we have developed a set of market-based solutions to meet this challenge and applied them in communities across Africa and Latin America.

Our Progress

World coffee consumption increased by over two percent in the last year, coming in at over 164 million bags. Despite this increase in consumption, the small-scale coffee-farming families who grow the majority of the world’s coffee still face significant challenges, including low prices, limited technical knowledge, lack of access to quality supplies, and inability to enter premium markets.

Over 15 Years

TechnoServe’s work has benefited over 500,000 coffee-farming families

In 16 Countries

Help coffee-farming families build a better future

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